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Kapitan Khlebnikov


The Kapitan Khlebnikov is a polar-class icebreaker combing power and technology with comfort. No passenger ship has transited the Northwest Passage more often than the renowned Kapitan Khlebnikov. Originally designed to take on the rigors of northern Siberia, the 24,000 horsepower engine and advanced ice-breaking technology take you places no other ship can.



Length: 122.50m

Breadth: 26.50m

Draught: 8.50m

Speed: 15 knots

Passengers: 110

Ice Class: LL3

Ship Region:Antarctica

Two fully enclosed lifeboats which exceedes SOLAS requirements. Expedition staff training mandatory IAATO and AECO tests as a condition of employment. There are two doctors onboard, one with international, wilderness and expedition medical experience.

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