Newsflash – Travel visa free to Brazil during the Olympics

Great news greeted the Australian traveller this morning with news that Australians will be permitted to travel to Brazil visa free during the Rio Olympic Games.

For all Australians arriving in Brazil between the dates of 1 June and 18 September 2016 the normal visa requirements do not apply. Which will allow Australians, Canadians and Americans to avoid the often arduous process of applying for a Brazilian visa.

Chimu Adventures co founder, Greg Carter welcomes the news, stating ‘.. That it opens up the country and embraces the welcoming nature of the Olympic movement..’ He went on to say that ‘it will make the process for fans and family of athletes alike easier to concentrate on the enjoyment of the games and not red tape .’

Chimu Adventures has a range of different programs during the Olympic Games and due to its unique operations based in Rio de Janeiro is well placed to help with any arrangements. Their Brazil based Australian director- Nick Macciocca stated that although accommodation is thinning out, Chimu still has some good availability in apartments and guesthouses across the city and its outskirts. The city is expected to be busy, however after a successful World Cup in 2014 there is a concern less on Brazil to deliver a world class event.

For more information on the games or to arrange your trip to this fantastic event please contact Chimu Adventures.

Author: admin