Why You should Travel to Antarctica… Solo!

At the southernmost tip of the earth lies one of the largest and most mysterious landmasses in the world, the Antarctic Frozen Empire.

Ever wanted to visit Antarctica? Antarctica is the largest desert in the world with extreme weather conditions that ensure magnificent wildlife. You can spot over 40 different bird species and many different whale and seals species, something you don’t want to miss out on—but what if none of your friends or family are keen to come along?

Sometimes, Antarctica is on your bucket list but your partner, friend, or travel buddy would prefer to go somewhere else. No problem though, as there are a lot of solo travellers on Antarctica cruises. Do you want to experience earth’s last great wilderness? Walking in Antarctica makes you feel like you’re walking on another planet, but you’ll never be alone! An Antarctica cruise is the perfect trip to start your solo travel adventures!

Here are several reasons why solo travel, especially to Antarctica, is an amazing experience for true adventurers like you.

Meet other interesting solo travelers

When you travel with your partner, friends or family, you often stick together and don’t always meet new people. When you travel solo, you will definitely meet new people—you are never alone on a cruise ship. In fact, there are usually a lot of solo travellers on Antarctica cruises. All these solo travellers have one thing in common. They’re there to explore Antarctica and to have a good time. This includes meeting new people, sharing stories and the most mind blowing trip of your lives.

You choose your adventures

When traveling with others you often have to compromise. You want to go hiking but your partner wants a spa day somewhere tropical… how annoying. Well, this doesn’t happen when you travel solo! Most ships offer on and offshore activities such as kayaking, skiing, and snowshoeing. There might not be enough time to do all activities, which means you would have to choose. No problem! Choose whatever you want. No one will argue about the decisions you make.

It will give you a confidence boost

Travelling solo for the first time can be a terrifying thought. Going out into the big world all by yourself—it sounds scary, but we promise it is not! Travelling solo makes you realize how capable you are of taking care of yourself. Finding your way into a new environment without any help is one of the best feelings. Step out of your comfort zone! An Antarctica cruise is a perfect start to learn how to travel solo. Nevertheless, you are never alone alone on a cruise. There are several English speaking crew members on the ship who are willing to help when you need help to figure something out. It’s a win-win situation!

Experience ultimate freedom

Solo travel means that you can be as selfish as you want. No one will complain when you decide to watch that whale jumping for 20 more minutes or when you decide to stay in the jacuzzi for another 45 minutes. No one will watch how much food you put on your plate, no one will complain that you’re in the shower for too long. Amazing! Moreover, if you need some “me time” you can just go back to your cabin and read a book or watch TV without anyone there to bother you.

All together solo travel changes your life. Stop thinking solo travel is scary or weird. Solo travel is becoming very popular. The world is more united than ever before. You will learn so much more about the world and yourself when traveling solo.

Convinced? great! Don’t wait for “someday”. Someday is a dangerous word. Cause let’s be real, it is really just a code for “never”. So don’t miss out and book that once in a lifetime trip today!

Author: Maritha Born