Chris’ journey in South America -The Spectacular Wildlife of the Amazon

A client testimonial by Chris Drieberg on his tailor made trip through South America.

Day 17, the 25th, after a 5.30am breakfast we hiked through the heart of the amazing and rugged Amazon witnessing the audio and visual spectacle of the wild, seeing fauna and flora, varied bird life, monkeys, colourful butterflies and all that the Amazon had to offer. Ending up in a hide, watching the vibrant coloured macaws and parrots for hours was a sight to behold. Returning to the lodge, we had lunch a rest and at around 4.30pm we took to another thirty minute trudge through the forest once more, taking us to a 25 metre scaffolding canopy tower, complete with staircase. The summit gave us excellent views of the amazing Amazon, the canopy of trees, monkeys in the distance and the entire pass a by bird life, concluding with a spectacular sunset.

After another early morning 5.30am breakfast in the cool of Day 18, the 26th we ventured out into a lake by canoe or catamaran looking for more birdlife, most of the names I cannot remember. However, I do remember our guide catch a Piranha from the lake for us to see. We also saw some amazing trees and actually walked into the bowels of one. In the afternoon we visited a farm to learn about local agriculture and Amazonian crops before an ethnobotanical tour to learn about medical procedures of the region. We also met the farmer and his family and experienced their kind hospitality. After this visit we cooled off with a dip in the Tambopata River.

As early as 2am in the early hours we took our boat ride back in the darkness like smugglers with an experienced boat captain stirring his motorised longboat evading rocks and logs in the Tambopata River, with no light except for the full moon light. This was due to a violent strike in Puerto Maldonado, where we needed to get to the airport by 7am, thereafter by road under police escort bringing up Day 19 of the 27th. Our flight did not take off till about 1pm that afternoon leaving a small airport that brings in one or two planes at a time. We were hanging around like vagrants sitting or sleeping on bare ground till our flight was called for our flight back to Lima.

We then flew into Santiago, Chile on Day 20, the 28th for the final two days of our South American tour. They were rest days, walking around the city taking in the sites and last minute shopping for some. Whereas some of others patronised the shops where ever they could throughout our journey.

Unfortunately, all good trips had to come to an end on Day 21, the 29 th on an 11.20pm flight out of Santiago via Auckland, New Zealand bringing us back home to Melbourne on the 1 st December at 9.05am.

I must commend Chimu Adventures and our travel agent, Modica Travel for a well organised tour and service beyond reproach in making this trip most enjoyable.

As the song goes, “I’ve been to Rio and old London Town, but I still call Australia home”. However, much a fantastic trip this may have been, Gill and I would not have enjoyed this trip half as much, if it had not been for the company of our travel companions Reg & Dawn Bartholomeusz, Jermeyn & Joan Deckker, Patrick & Maryse Holmes and Roy & Ingrid Parsons.

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