Boaty McBoatface: The new guy about town?

Here at Chimu we had to laugh about the latest news from the good old UK. In a triumph of democracy we were very pleased to hear that the new Antarctic survey vessel being built was to be named by the public. With over 9000 votes at this stage, and growing – “Boaty McBoatface” is in the lead. Here are some of the other suggestions that came up:

  • RRS Boaty McBoatface
  • RRS Henry Worsley
  • RRS Pillar of Autumn
  • RRS David Attenborough
  • RRS Boaty McBoatface the return
  • RRS Boat
  • RRS Pingu
  • RRS It’s bloody cold here
  • RRS Usain Bolt
  • RRS Tiffany Aching
  • RRS Red Dwarf
  • RRS Tom Crean
  • RRS Ice Ice Baby
  • RRS Notthetitanic
  • RRS Ada Lovelace

We thought that the ship may need a bit of a paint job to live up to his name – what do you think?

boaty mcboatface

We also thought about a charter cruise to Antarctica on him, we just need to come up with a decent name. Of course, we’ll make sure we put it out to public vote if we do…


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