What is the Copa America?

The Copa America is a football tournament featuring the best 16 teams from North and South America. The current tournament has run from June the 3rd to the 26th. This year’s tournament has been held in the U.S.A. It is the first year the U.S.A have been invited to take part also. Games are being played across 9 states, with games in California, Washington, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Illinois, Texas and Florida.

logo of copa america with flags of all participating countries

The flags of all participating countries in the Copa America. Photo credit: Shutterstock

Copa America’s history

This incredible tournament was played for the very first time in 1916, With Uruguay holding the record of all countries with winning the completion, having won the competition a record of 15 times. Argentina has won the tournament 14 times, and Brazil, despite having more world cup titles than anyone in the region (or the world for that matter) have won the Copa America only 8 times. It is the oldest tournament of its kind in the world and held every few years, Some of the best players in the world of football are on show at the tournament, including Argentina’s Lionel Messi, Colombia’s James Rodriguez and Brazil’s usual plethora of superstars.. Bar Neymar who withdrew from the tournament.

Goalscoring record

happy brazilian football supporters with flag

Brazilian football supporters. Photo credit: Shutterstock.

It remains to be seen, despite the millions of dollars’ worth of the greatest players on show at the tournament if anyone will ever eclipse Argentinean Norberto Mendez’s goalscoring record in the 1940’s. He scored 17 goals in three tournaments. Pretty impressive for a player who only ever scored 20 goals in his entire career as a player.


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