1) Planning for a 3-5 week trip to South America

Thinking about travelling to South America for a ‘short’ time? This is by far the most common approach time frame for people who don’t have a particular special interest and just want to tick off all the major attractions in one trip to South America, read about how to plan your trip here.

beach in rio with orange sunset

The beach in Rio, Brazil. Photo credit: Shutterstock.

There is no right or wrong way to do your travel planning and for some time poor people (too many places to visit, not enough time) South America may be a once in a lifetime trip and as such they want to make sure they fit in all the main locations in one go.

Suggestions for a 3-5 week trip to South America

amazon river with mountains in the background, South America

The Amazon. Photo credit: Shutterstock.

For this sort of approach I normally suggest about a 3-5 week time frame. This allows enough time for time to visit areas like Santiago, Buenos Aires, Iguacu Falls, Rio de Janeiro, Lima, Lake Titicaca, Cusco, Machu Picchu and the Amazon . Allow another week at least if you also want to include a bit of Patagonia or the Galapagos and allow five weeks if you want to do the whole of Galapagos and Patagonia. One of our most popular tour itineraries is our South America Circle, which essentially fits in all the above highlights (except Patagonia and the Galapagos) in three week time frame. The South America Circle itinerary is carefully planned to maximise efficiency.

turtle swimming underwater galapagos

The underwaterworld at the Galapagos. Photo credit: Shutterstock.

I would note that it is a busy itinerary and there are a significant number of flights involved so I always encourage people to build in a few extra free days to slow it down a little and be able to smell the roses so to speak. That said, often people are time poor and I can understand the desire to fit in as much as possible in a short time frame – I’m guilty of doing this myself at times!

So that’s a very simple answer which probably covers the question for 80% of people that ask, now for the rest of you that want so detailed information. Be careful what you wish for as some of the below may have more information that you’d ever want!

Eight other ways to plan your South America Tour:

2) Planning for a short trip (Two weeks) 
3) Planning for long trip (Three Months plus) 
4) Planning your trip of you like hiking and outdoor activities
5) Planning your trips if you like cuisine and culture
6) Planning your trip if you like photography
7) Planning your trip if you like wildlife
8) Planning your trip if you like the buzz of cities
9) Planning your trip if you want to relax and unwind on a beach 

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Author: Chad Carey