Ecuadorian Cuisine

Ecuadorian cuisine is diverse and regional. The potato plays an important role in many Ecuadorian dishes, especially in the Andes and there are over 200 varieties of potato found in Ecuador. In the mountainous areas, meat (beef, pork, chicken and guinea pig) is served with rice, corn and potatoes. In the southern mountainous regions, a typical dish is a soup prepared from green bananas and roasted pork. In the Amazon the dietary staple is the yucca or cassava, a starchy root vegetable that is peeled and then boiled or fried and used in a variety of dishes. In coastal regions shellfish, shrimp and various types of fish are important ingredients for many dishes. Ceviche is one of the most popular dishes, consisting of seafood, onions and coriander marinated in lemon or lime juice.

A Typical Lunch

Quito, the capital city of Ecuador

Taste the Ecuadorian cuisine in the historic city of Quito. Photo credit: shutterstock

A typical lunch (almuerza) consists of soup and then chunks of grilled meat served on rice and accompanied by a pulse-based sauce and fried plantain. Rice and beans are common accompaniments to most meals. Beans are usually cooked as a traditional bean stew (menestra), with lentils sometimes used instead. Meats include lomo (beef) and chancho (pork), served a la parilla or asada (grilled).

Ecuadorian Cuisine

Ecuadorian Cuisine.

Ecuadorian Cuisine. Photo credit: shutterstock

Some typical Ecuadorian dishes include:



Patacones. Photo credit: shutterstock

Patacones – Green plantains sliced and fried twice



Llapingachos. Photo credit: shutterstock

Llapingachos – Potato cakes stuffed with cheese, fried and served with a peanut sauce



Seco. Photo credit: shutterstock

Seco – Stew made with tomatoes, onions and coriander using either beef, chicken or goat and generally served with rice and fried plantain



Estofado. Photo credit: La Hora

Estofado – Typical Ecuadorian stew made with chicken or meat with potatoes and carrots

Pan de Yucca

Pan de Yucca

Pan de Yucca. Photo credit: Laylita

Pan de yucca – A light bread filled with cheese



Aguardiente. Photo credit: Wikimedia

The most popular national alcohol is aguardiente, a spirit made from sugar cane. Canelazo is a drink that is made using aguardiente. Freshly squeezed juices are also common throughout Ecuador.

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Author: Helen Dwyer