Best Latin American Food Bloggers to Follow in 2020


When it comes to our favourite Latin American food bloggers we’ve been secretly stalking this year, they all have one thing in common: their modern, fresh and healthy approach to Latino food! These food bloggers provide recipes that are inspiring takes on old-school favourites, easily replicated at home by non-professionals.

The reputation of South American food is taking the world by storm so it may not surprise you to learn that culinary tours and gastronomic-focused travelling are among the fastest-growing travel trends in the continent. The best Latin American food bloggers we follow inspire us to seek and taste our favourite food from South America – because what better way is there to relive the amazement of a South America tour, by replicating the taste of every region?

If you’d also love to replicate your favourite Latino meals at home: from authentic Peruvian ceviche to mouth-watering Ecuadorian llapingachos, Argentinian milanesa and Brazilian brigadeiros, these culinary geniuses will polish your cooking skills and inspire you to create fantastic Latin American delicacies right in your own kitchen.

Buen provecho!

Our Favourite Food Bloggers:

1. Muy Delish

Born and raised in Mexico, Ana is a breath of fresh (and very yummy) air in the Latino food blogging scene. We stumbled across this recipe for chipotle pork tortas a year ago and have been hooked on her recipes ever since. What we love about Ana is that she understands that some ingredients are trickier to find depending on where one lives and that not everyone is adept in the kitchen, so she’s created this great FAQ page that’ll walk you through the easy steps of preparing staples like dulce de leche and roasted peppers. The drool-worthy pics certainly reflect the colourful Mexican cuisine and if Muy Delish doesn’t inspire you to get in the kitchen, nothing will! Ana doesn’t only blog about Latino food bur her in-between international delights make for fabulous…errr…interruptions.

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2. The Other Side of the Tortilla

Maura started her excellent Mexican cooking blog to preserve family recipes and we’re quite sure she’s overwhelmed at the way her unassuming personal website has evolved over the years. More so, because Maura isn’t even Mexican by birth; she’s Mexican by marriage. So yes, her Mexican food obsession was a choice and what a fabulous choice that was! This award-winning blogger shares her passion for all things related to her adopted homeland, which means you’ll also learn loads about local regional culture whilst simultaneously drooling at all the stunning meals she creates. The Other Side of the Tortilla pays homage to old-fashioned recipes but also delves into the Mex-West fusion that brings you such unrivalled and timeless treats as Mexican S’mores.

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Frijoles charros
Frijoles charros. Photo: The Other Side of the Tortilla

3. Laylita’s Recipes

We’ve been fans of Laylita long before she decided to diversify her recipes and venture outside her native Ecuadorian fare. Perhaps one of the least known cuisines of Latin America, Ecuadorian fare is distinct in its flavour and combinations, showcasing super fresh flavours, plenty of herbs and varied delights. Featuring loads of traditional local favourites as well as oodles of Latin American delights like Brazilian cassava cheese breads and Peruvian lomo saltado, Laylita also delves in the kind of modern fusion cooking style that seems to have taken over the continent. Check out her chimichurri butter recipe and those always ideal step-by-step photos.

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chimichurri butter
Chimichurri butter. Photo: Laylita’s Recipes

4. The Spruce Eats – Latin American Food

The distinct lack of English-language Latin American food blogs can frustrate even the most dedicated foodies. Copying recipes and pasting them on GoogleTranslate just doesn’t cut it: oftentimes a key step is either misunderstood or skipped altogether. So what to do? Well, The Spruce Eats have your answer, with their dedicated Latin American food page bringing you a concoction of excellent recipes from every corner of the continent. A quick look-see at the main page highlights the sheer variety of recipes on offer and you’ll discover specific pages which focus on regional specialties. Check out MexicanCentral American and South American recipes and you’ll find all the goodies you’ve no doubt tried if you’ve already travelled to the region before.

This page has arguably the easiest recipe for empanada dough that we’ve ever come across. What we also love is that you can just pop in whatever ingredient or food you’re looking to use/make (say, chorizo) and out comes an exhaustive list of recipes for you to try. One of the top 10 food bloggers in the US and a phenomenal source of foodie joy no matter where in Latin America you wish to take your taste buds.

5. Easy and Delish

Recently rebranded, Easy and Delish started off as one of the largest and most popular resources for Brazilian recipes on the net and has evolved to now include a host of other Latin dishes. Run by a Brazilian-native, Texas-living mum of two named Denise, the site is inarguably one of the most beautifully photographed and choreographed you’ll ever find, the professionally-trained chef having an obvious eye for all things utterly beautiful. Here, you’ll find that many local Brazilian dishes have been given a definite health-twist (look for them under the Brazilian Food tab) and a host of other Latin and internationally-inspired creations (under All Recipes). From Brazilian Must-Tries to Sweet & Savoury and our Chimu office fave, Brazilian recipes by Region, Denise’s food blog can literally bring Brazil to your plate through her stunning recipes, like this super-quick shrimp in coconut sauce, one of her personal childhood faves. Yes, there’s literally a ton of recipes to get lost in but the quick-find index makes meandering all too easy.

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6. Pick up the Fork

Allie Lazar is one of Buenos Aires’ most prolific food bloggers and if we told you we downright stalk her site for the latest tips on street-food we absolutely must devour on our next visit to the Argentinian capital, we wouldn’t be lying. Passionate about food and writing in equal measure, this gregarious BA-expat has risen through some serious ranks in recent years, even guiding President Obama and his team through a culinary tour-de-force through Argentina during his official visit in 2016. Pick up the Fork, unlike other entrants on this list, is all about finding the most exquisite eats in and around Buenos Aires, with plenty of other Latin American foodie destinations (like exceptional Montevideo) thrown in for good measure. Check out more invaluable Buenos Aires foodie tips from Allie, right here.

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7. South American Wine Guide

Given that no decent Latin American culinary experience could ever be complete without a drop (or three) of world-class, locally-made wine, no food blogger list could ever be complete without including the most comprehensive wine resource around. The South American Wine Guide is your vino bible, a spectacular ensemble of the best wine to taste and vineyards to visit in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Peru and Uruguay. Learn all about local varieties, keep up to date with the latest happenings (especially around harvest festival time), discover the best wine bars to visit all over the continent and discover lesser-known, family-run vineyards you may just to include on your next tour of South America.

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