Best Latin American Food Bloggers to Follow Right NOW 

In our recent Best Foodie Tours in South America guide, we mentioned that we’ve noticed a marked increase in guests’ awareness of the exceptional culinary experiences awaiting them on their travels. Surprises and new discoveries notwithstanding (a daily occurrence, let us tell you) many first-time visitors are totally on the ball when it comes to South American cuisine. Varied, exciting, tasty and, at times, even revolutionary, foodie delights are part and parcel of any tour to this delectable continent. A huge part of this newfound craze is the fact that food bloggers are becoming increasingly popular. The best Latin America food bloggers to follow right NOW don’t just introduce their readers to the world of Latin American cuisine but they also inspire an unprecedented devotion. Travellers don’t just want to seek the best ceviche on the northern Peruvian coast, they want to make it at home. They don’t just want to try all the different varieties of empanadas in several countries, they want to impress their friends with their home-made creations. Because what better way is there to relive the amazement of a South America tour, by replicating the taste of every region?

When it comes to our favourite Latin American bloggers we’ve been secretly stalking this year, they all have one thing in common: their modern, fresh and healthy approach to Latino food! This means their recipes are totally inspiring takes on old-school favourites which means replicating their meals at home is much easier and can be done more frequently.

Oh, yes, and one more thing. Our fave foodie bloggers aren’t your usual ‘snap a pic of my dinner in a restaurant’ kind of bloggers. They are all bona fide cooking extraordinaire, so you can avoid the disappointment of realizing you have to fly 20,0000km to enjoy that meal, and will have all the know-how to make it at home.

Buen provecho!

Our selection of Food Bloggers:

Muy Delish

Born and raised in Mexico, Ana is a breath of fresh (and very yummy) air in the Latino food blogging scene. We stumbled across this recipe for chipotle pork tortas a year ago and have been hooked on her recipes ever since. What we love about Ana is that she totally understands that some ingredients are trickier to find depending on where one lives, so she’s created this great Back to Basics page that’ll walk you through the easy steps of preparing staples like Dulce de Leche, tomato salsa, tomatillo sauce and the crowd-favourite, chimichurri. The drool-worthy pics certainly reflect the colourful Mexican cuisine and if Muy Delish doesn’t inspire you to get in the kitchen, nothing will! Ana doesn’t only blog about Latino food bur her in-between international delights make for fabulous…errr…interruptions.


Traditional mexican food: "torta ahogada"

Traditional mexican food: “torta ahogada”. Credit: Shutterstock.

The Other Side of the Tortilla

Maura started her excellent Mexican cooking blog to preserve family recipes and we’re quite sure she’s quite stunned at the way it’s evolved. More so, because Maura isn’t even Mexican by birth. She’s Mexican by marriage. So yes, her Mexican food obsession was a choice and what a fabulous choice that was. This award-winning blogger shares her passion for all things related to her adopted homeland, which means you’ll also learn loads about local regional culture whilst simultaneously drooling at all the stunning meals she creates. The Other Side of the Tortilla pays homage to old-fashioned recipes but also delves into the Mex-West fusion that brings you such unrivalled treats as Mexican S’mores. Plus, we share quite similar life values…

Food Bloggers favourite: mexican tortilla wrap with chicken breast and vegetables

mexican tortilla wrap with chicken breast and vegetables. Credit: Shutterstock.


The knockout mother-daughter team behind PeruDelights are among very few food bloggers actually based in Latin America who also blog in English. That’s a great plus! Doing an outstanding service to Peruvian cuisine, these ladies cover the whole shebang: from entrées to desserts, drinks, main meals and even boast a dedicated vegetarian page. If you’ve yet to hear about Peruvian cuisine then consider yourself lucky: your tour of Peru is going to blow those taste buds of yours right out of the water. On this site, you’ll find crowd favourites like quinoa pudding as well as quirky treats like chica morada sour, which replaces Pisco with home-made chica morada. Besides, anyone who can convince you that ceviche may just be the healthiest meal on the planet scores huge points with us.

Delicious ceviche of shrimp with vegetables, spices and lime

Delicious ceviche of shrimp with vegetables, spices and lime. Credit: Shutterstock.

Las Recetas de Laylita

We’ve been fans of Laylita long before she let her blogsite go in favour of Facebook superstardom and we’re so glad she’s found more time to add an English version to all her Ecuadorian recipes. Perhaps one of the least known cuisines of Latin America, Ecuadorian fare is distinct in its flavour and combinations, showcasing super fresh flavours, plenty of herbs and varied delights. Featuring loads of traditional local favourites, Laylita also delves in the kind of modern fusion cooking style that seems to have taken over the continent. Check out her mango ceviche!

traditional Ecuadorian dishes on a table

traditional Ecuadorian dishes on a table. Credit: Shutterstock.


The Spruce Eats – Latin American Food

The distinct lack of English-language Latin American food blogs can frustrate even the most dedicated foodies. Copying recipes and pasting them on GoogleTranslate just doesn’t cut it: oftentimes a key step is either misunderstood or skipped altogether. So what to do? Well, the SpruceEats have your answer, with their dedicated Latin American food page bringing you a concoction of excellent recipes from every corner of the continent. A quick look-see at the main page highlights the sheer variety of recipes on offer and you’ll discover specific pages which focus on regional specialties. Check out Mexican, Central American and South American recipes and you’ll find all the goodies you’ve no doubt tried if you’ve already travelled to the region before. This page has arguably the easiest recipe for empanada dough that we’ve ever come across. What we also love is that you can just pop in whatever ingredient or food you’re looking to use/make (say, dulce de leche) and out comes an exhaustive list of recipes for you to try. One more mouth-watering than the other…

Shortbread caramel spreading with spoon, baking paper

Shortbread caramel spreading with spoon, baking paper. Credit: Shutterstock.

Drooling yet?

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