Press release: Live for today! Australian hero and Paralympian, Kurt Fearnley, to embark on fundraising cruise to Antarctica with Chimu Adventures

Sydney, Wednesday 19th September 2018

Guests aboard Chimu Adventures’ February 2020 cruise to Antarctica, Antarctica Empowered, will be landing on the white continent with three-time Paralympic Gold Medallist and Australian hero, Kurt Fearnley, Chimu announced today. Fearnley is a passionate advocate for disability charities and a portion of the berth sales will be donated to Chimu’s MAD project where, working directly with Kurt Fearnley, the funds will reach education programmes for people with disabilities living in marginalised areas.

This announcement coincides with the launch of Chimu’s Live for Today campaign which encourages travellers to take charge of the moment and live life to the full. This is a sentiment embodied by Fearnley and, as Antarctica is a place where society ceases to exist and being present is of sole importance, this voyage is the perfect stage to galvanise awareness and support for individuals with disabilities.

Kurt Fearnley: An example of unstoppable spirit and determination. Source: Kurt Fearnley

Kurt Fearnley: An example of unstoppable spirit and determination. Source: Kurt Fearnley

Born in New South Wales, Australia, in 1981 without the lower part of his spine, Fearnley’s previous achievements include his first gold medal at the 2004 Athens Paralympics and conquering the New York, Chicago and London marathons multiple times. In addition to wheelchair racing, he has crawled the notorious Kokoda Track which runs a gruelling 96 kilometres overland.

Travelling to Antarctica as Chimu Adventures’ special guest on Antarctica Empowered will be a new experience as he undertakes shore excursions and landings to view the otherworldly scenery and wildlife with his fellow passengers. Hosting under 200 guests, this Chimu Exclusive Cruise will depart from Ushuaia in Argentina on the 21st February 2020 and will sail the dramatic Antarctic Peninsula for 11 days viewing glaciers, icebergs, whales, penguins and sea birds as it cruises.

Scenery in Antarctica of snow capped mountain and icy waters credit: Simon Evans

Scenery in Antarctica of snow capped mountain and icy waters. Credit: Simon Evans

Chimu Exclusive Cruises always focus on a social, environmental or cultural cause. Guests aboard Antarctica Empowered can expect inspiring talks from Fearnley about his extraordinary life and fundraising events such as an auction of ‘money can’t buy experiences;’ the proceeds of which will be donated to educational programmes in marginalised locations for people with disabilities through Chimu’s MAD Project.

Fearnley reflects on education around the world: “My education instilled in me the value of expectation. Expectation which I treasure to this day. When travelling internationally, I’ve seen a life without expectation and without education and that can be more disabling than any disability. I hope to play a small part to increase the participation of people with disabilities in marginalised communities around the world. And I look forward to you joining me win that journey.”

Antarctic scenery during sunset credit: Simon Evans

Antarctic scenery during sunset. Credit: Simon Evans

This voyage is for those with a desire to travel with purpose while experiencing the planet’s final frontier; those who want to ‘live for today’ while giving to the future. Find out more about Kurt Fearnley here and to join this journey please contact Chimu Adventures.


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Author: Frances Armitage