Press release: Chimu present their Small Ship Cruising Roadshow – register your interest.

Sydney. Wednesday 2nd October, 2019.

Latin America and Polar Travel Specialists, Chimu Adventures, are excited to present their Small Ship Cruising Roadshow which will be held in five capital cities across five states in Australia between the 15th and 29th October, 2019.

Small ship cruising is a popular choice for Australian travellers and, for Chimu, the only way to cruise. Chimu operate small ship expeditions in some of the most remote and pristine locations in the world, for example the Arctic, Antarctica, the Amazon, Patagonia and the Galapagos Islands. They understand the fragility of such destinations and the effects of tourism in these places, therefore want to absolutely minimise the environmental and cultural impact of their voyages by limiting passenger numbers on each excursion. Smaller ships can access harder to reach areas with less impact and the atmosphere on board is more intimate as guests are more likely to get to know each other throughout the voyage.

In the polar regions and Patagonia, the vast majority of Chimu’s ships carry less than 200 passengers. Strict regulations mean that only 100 people are ever allowed on shore in Antarctica. By restricting ship capacity to 200 passengers, 100 passengers can enjoy a guided exploration of the shore while the other 100 can experience the scenery on a Zodiac cruise, thus maximising wildlife and scenery viewing time for all passengers. This also means that passenger numbers at embarkation and disembarkation points are a lot more manageable – Ushuaia in Argentina (the gateway to Antarctica) and Longyearbyen in Norway (the gateway to the Arctic) are very small cities and don’t necessarily have the infrastructure to accommodate mass tourism.

Small ship cruising in areas such as the Amazon and the Galapagos Islands can mean sharing a liveaboard boat with only 15 other passengers. These boats can access some of the most isolated areas in these destinations where no lodge or hotel has ever been built so you won’t have to share the wildlife and scenery with anyone but your fellow passengers.

Chimu will showcase their favourite experiences to Australia’s top travel agents over drinks and canapes thereby raising awareness of this unique and immersive way to explore the world.

Exhibitors include:

  • Australis Patagonia Fjord Cruises.
  • Antarctica Expedition Cruising aboard the Ocean Endeavour.
  • Delfin Peruvian Amazon Cruises.
  • Arctic Expedition Cruising with Hurtigruten.
  • Seaman & Sea Star Journey, Galapagos Island Cruises.
  • Our airline partner, LATAM.

Australian hero Kurt Fearnley, who will be an honoured guest on Chimu’s Antarctica Empowered voyage in February 2020, will be presenting to audiences at the Sydney event.

Event dates:

  • ADELAIDE – Tuesday 15th October at The Gallery.
  • MELBOURNE – Wednesday 16th October at Stamford Plaza.
  • SYDNEY – Thursday 17th October at Doltone House
  • BRISBANE – Tuesday 22nd October at The Brisbane Club.
  • PERTH – Wednesday 23rd October at Bells Functions.


Founded in 2004, Chimu Adventures are The Latin America and Polar Travel Specialists. Australian owned, we are the go-to for all Latin America, Antarctica and Arctic travel requirements, from small ship expedition cruises to tailor made itineraries and small group tours, plus all international and domestic flight and transfer arrangements. Our specialist knowledge means we can offer the best options for everything. We use our own operations on the ground to access to an immense range of accommodation and activities and work personally with our traveller’s style and budget, tailoring to their individual needs.

Our team is committed to the destinations which we operate in and are proud members of the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO), the Council of Australian Tour Operators (CATO) International Galapagos Tour Operators Association (IGTOA) Adventure Travel Trade Association and Latin America Travel Association. For more information visit

Author: Frances Armitage