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Responsible Travel

At Chimu Adventures we really pride ourselves on working with the local community. As a small company we are extremely flexible and work with communities in many different ways. This is highlighted by some of the travel industries most respected names working with us - names such as, and the South American explorers club. We were also announced finalists in the Telstra Business Awards 2008 (a leading Australian award for businesses) due to our sustainable operations and commitment to the local communities in which we operate. A tour with Chimu adventures will give back, and you will make a difference!

Chimu and the Environment

We really work hard to keep all our operations green! Being web based, we are close to becoming a paperless environment, brochure prints are at a minimum (and printed on a requirement basis) and all pre-departure information is e-mailed. We use energy saving bulbs in our work centres, and recycle all our waste. Staff are encouraged to ride a bike or take public transport to work and Chimu Adventures pays for half of the cost of a bicycle purchase for staff.

Since 2006 we have been planting a tree for every client travelling to these wonderful countries. So booking with us is like you’re making your very own contribution to the environment!

In Antarctica Chimu Adventures are associate members of IAATO, the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators IAATO is an industry group that has resolved to set the highest possible tourism operating standards in its effort to protect Antarctica and we are very proud to be a part of this group.


We currently work with three different charities, giving us a broad spectrum and diversifying where our monies go. We work with Project Peru in the UK, LATA Foundation in Mexico and World Vision sponsoring children in Peru and Brazil.

These charities are close to our core of supporting the environment and children in need. More information on these charities can be provided. Every year, Chimu Adventures gives a portion of its profits to charity - a big commitment to the areas in which we operate, and a benchmark for other travel companies.

As well as supporting well known charities we also do our bit to help local communities on tour. We use local hotels and suppliers for all our needs, and make sure as much of the profits from the tours go back into the local community. We aim to empower the locals and help them develop their infrastructure for the future. Our guides are sourced from the country of origin, and unlike many other travel companies we do not have foreigners showing you the country. We prefer locals - their intimate knowledge, passion and culture means you gain a far superior experience!

Since 2006, we have been focusing on micro financing for small business people in South America. We have provided literally hundreds of loans to business people in Latin America and helped them establish their own companies and co-operatives. Micro financing empowers individuals, gives them a sense of self worth, improves their living conditions, improves their standard of living and generates employment. We use Kiva (a well-known NGO) to help us reach these people in need.

We really care about where we work, in all regions of Latin America - our tours do make a difference. Come with us and find out why.

From Carole Hudson and the Project Peru committee:

"A huge and heartfelt 'gracias' to all of you who continue to offer  us such generous support, loyalty and friendship - thank you for helping ensure that our little refuge continues to be one of the happiest places that many people from all worlds have experienced. Thank you for jumping on the roller coaster that is Project Peru and for making it possible for us to transform awareness into action and commitment."



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