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Juan Carlos Auccapuma

I like to experience different cultures and meeting different people! I am from the Sacred Valley, one hour drive from Cusco! I had some amazing adventures in Peru, from the north to the south of Peru, I think you cannot compare one place with another, because each place and each country has its charm.

During my trip through Peru, I was absolutely amazed by the wonders of Peru, because we have the coast, mountains, forests, deserts, wildlife, culture, the Andes, customs, etc. It was like traveling through the entire world without leaving Peru. 

I haven't left my country yet, because I want to get to know my country first, before I start traveling to other countries. I am planning to go traveling and exploring the world and I'm sure each country will give me different surprises and point of view.

Over time you realize that every experience lived with every person and in every place is unrepeatable.

Juan Carlos Auccapuma
Operations Manager, Argentina

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