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Kira Allouchi


With a passion for travel, especially the polar regions, I was thrilled to join the Chimu team in April 2022 as Product Support Coordinator. Having been to around 80 countries and every continent, it’s hard to pick a favourite, but I love the Galapagos for the amazing animals, scenery, and incredible snorkelling.  

As for Antarctica, visiting for the first time was truly an OMG moment - like most places in the world, pictures can’t do it justice. The scale of the scenery, the crisp fresh air, and the overwhelming nature of the experience is just indescribable. 

If you’re visiting for the first time, South Georgia is the absolute gem of the Antarctic region and I recommend that travellers do everything they can to get there.Also, be sure to pack plenty of layers, lots of memory cards for your camera, and plenty of patience, so you can observe the curious wildlife and wait for them to approach you.  

It’s an honour to share my extensive travel knowledge with the Chimu team to help design trips that travellers will absolutely love. Prior to joining Chimu, I was BDM for Intrepid Group, worked in reservations at Canada’s Big White Resort, and was a consultant at Gogo Vacations and Student Flights. 

If I went back to Latin America tomorrow I would...Visit Peru or Brazil in depth, and then go back to the Galapagos!

What is your favourite Latin American food? Ceviche and empanadas…drool! 

If I won a million dollars I would…Travel with my family until it ran out

Best travel tip for Latin America…Same for anywhere in the world, go with an open mind, some street smarts, and eat as much ceviche as you can handle. And go to the Galapagos if you like animals, even more so if you like snorkelling.

This world needs...More tolerance, less hang ups. And more ceviche and empanadas.


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