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Paddy Brophy

"After growing up and gaining my degree in central Victoria, I was keen to see what the world had to offer. It was on my first overseas trip post university that it hit me, this is what I want to do with my life. As soon as I got home from that around the world adventure 20 years ago I entered the travel industry, and have not looked back since."

Throughout my time in travel, I have had adventures to well over 50 countries and nothing really compares to the sense of wonder, anticipation and exploration you get when landing in South America. The energy, colour and passion of local communities draws you into and immersive experience that excites.

From trekking across indescribable natural landscapes to feeling the raw energy of a frenetic Superclassico crowd or sipping Malbec on a rooftop with excitable locals wanting to talk about anything and everything, it’s a destination that consumes you. 

Helping people find these experiences, expand their horizons and explore the world in a responsible and sustainable fashion is my passion.

Paddy Brophy
National Sales Manager

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