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Chimu travellers come from all corners of the globe and all age ranges, the common thread being a love for Latin America and/or Antarctica. They tend to want more than a bird’s eye view of the destinations they visit, preferring an up close and personal experience to get the most out of the journey in a way that suits them best. When it comes to our clients, Chimu’s philosophy is simple; use specialised knowledge to work with our clients, accommodating to their individual needs.

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We have now returned from our truly amazing trip to Chile and would like to send a very big thank you to all at Chimu Adventures who made the wonderful experience possible. Accommodation, flights, meals, tours (and even the weather) were perfect in every way. We spent lots of time walking and enjoying the beauty of Patagonia's scenery and wildlife and then on to watching the magic of seeing flamingo's feed while the sun set over the Atacama Desert. All the Chileans we met were warm and welcoming. Most definitely the trip of a lifetime and we will be encouraging all our friends to visit Chile at least once!

- Lorna Downey

My experience on board Ushuaia: I would have to say the trip was truly a "once in a life time"  and certainly would go again given the opportunity. I was fortunate to be upgraded which was a very pleasant surprise. The captain and crew were excellent and being allowed on the bridge was a bonus. The cabin crew were wonderful and looked after us well and kept the boat clean. They were always friendly and smiling. The scientists were always very keen to share their knowledge and were a fun group. The boat was a very relaxed place to be.

- Christine Cowen, Australia

I am now back in Australia after a fantastic trip in South America and the Antarctic. Thanks to Chimu, my whole trip was faultless, even allowing for 2 minor transfer delays. Overall, transport was good, airlines were generally efficient and the hotels that Chimu recommended at the high end, were very good.

Antarctica was an amazing experience. The scenery, the wildlife and the Shackleton history made this trip so enjoyable. I found that part of my overall trip in South America, well exceeded my expectations.

This was the first trip that I have done over the years that relied solely on one travel coordinator to arrange everything. I did that because I was a single traveler in countries where I had not been before and wanted the convenience of airport transfers, good hotels and well thought out day tours etc. Again, I must compliment Chimu and your representatives in the countries I visited in making my holiday so enjoyable.If I had a minor problem in any of the countries I visited, I just needed to make a call to your local agent and I was well looked after.

- Roger Desmarchelier, Australia

I would like to thank Chimu Adventures for the organisation of The Shackelton Discovery Tour 2014. It was a wonderful trip, the adventure of a lifetime and a dream fulfilled and your presence on the ship made it that much more special.

The effort put in to ensure the best possible expedition for your passengers was indeed first rate. Attention to detail, service and staff friendliness, from the Hotel staff to Expedition staff, cannot be faulted.

Putting such a trip together is no mean feet with the addition or arranging for Guest Speakers and Artists to keep us entertained as well as raising funds for The Mawson's Hut Foundation. Your support of this is to be commended - too many times are companies only interested in profits alone. And whilst issues always arise I cannot find fault in my experiences with your company and with my contact with your staff.

I hope to use Chimu services again one day when I would like to venture through South America more thoroughly.

- Heidi Schlennstedt

It was a nerve racking moment when I stood at the postbox one cold October day last year with an envelope containing a huge cheque for the final payment as we didn't know what to expect. Well, after approximately 17 planes, 11 buses (3 overnight), 41 tours, 48 transfers and 101 hotels and a total of 110 days in South America, we have to say we are just so amazed. There was always someone to pick up or check us in at the airport and take us on our tours, and always with a smile! We have recommended Chimu Adventures to fellow travellers and would not hesitate to travel with you again.

- Pat and Steve, UK

I travelled to Peru with Chimu earlier this year and have to say the friendliness, professionalism and attention to detail was second to none. My favourite travel destination in Latin America would be Santiago, however the highlight of my last trip was crossing the Warmiwañusca trail ("Dead Woman's Pass") on the Inca Trail. My thanks goes out to the wonderful Chimu staff. I would strongly recommend Chimu Adventures to anyone heading to Latin America, and would definitely travel with this great company again!

- Roy, Australia

My husband I have recently returned from a trip to Peru organised by Chimu Adventures.  We had an awesome time and credit your experience and expertise to the smooth running and comfort of the trip.  I will definitely choose your company for any upcoming travel to South America and will also recommend your services to anybody and everybody I know.. a BIG thank you!

- Rachel, Australia

We want to thank you and your company for the amazing holiday package you planned for us.Your team over in South America were outstanding. We were made to feel very welcome and safe everywhere we went.It was so reassuring to see a smiling face holding  our name on a board at every stop. We would look at each other and say, “Thank you Mr. Chimu!” (It became our little joke). Our personal guides were so passionate and interesting, which made each section of our holiday even more amazing. We have experienced so many and varied places and cultures in just four weeks, which would not have been possible without such thorough planning. Again, thank you for a cherished memorable trip, we have already recommended Chimu Adventures to others and will continue to sing your praises!

- Nina and Tony, Australia

We just have returned from a trip to Argentina and Brazil, organized by Chimu Adventures.   We had a delightful holiday.   Exciting, breathtaking, homely, comfortable, well-structured and enticing.

Delightful: everything went without worry or hitch.   Transfers were seamless, flights co-ordinated, accommodation very comfortable, locations central.

Breathtaking: seeing and becoming enveloped in the Iguassu Falls, travelling down jungle rivers surround by trees full of birds, monkeys, flowers, on the riverbanks, caiman and in the water piranhas.
Homely: the staff at the various hotels were wonderful.   They made us feel relaxed and able to concentrate on our adventures.

Comfortable: all transfers were on time.  The drivers and guides were very welcoming and willing to fit into our schedule.

Well-structured:   The variations in locations were well thought through, so that we did not do similar things at each stop.  The locations of our hotels were where we wished to spend our time so that local travel was at a minimum.

Enticing: we feel as if we have had just the merest touch of the wonders of South America and adventures we wish to experience. 

-Lil Ganly and Ted Lourey, Australia

It is with great excitement that I share how wonderful Chimu Adventures are to travel with. Not only from a personal experience but a professional one. Our TV travel Series Places We Go recently undertook an exciting venture with them where we invited our viewers to come to Antarctica with us, and without Chimu Adventures this would never have been possible. As you can imagine putting our trusted TV travel Brand Places We Go with a travel operator, they must be first class. On a personal level, my adventure to Antarctica with Chimu Adventures was truly breathtaking. We had a great ship, fantastic crew and our tour guides were really knowledgeable, all fused together it made for a once in a life time trip, just as Antarctica should be!

- Clint Bizzell, Places We Go Director and Producer, Australia



It is with great excitement that I share how wonderful Chimu Adventures are to travel with. Not only from a personal experience but a professional one.

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