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Antarctica, South Georgia & Falkland Islands Reverse | Pursuit

22 Days
From USD 29,185

STYLE: Luxury Expedition Cruise 


DIFFICULTY RATING: 2 (light adventure)

Start: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Finish: Buenos Aires, Argentina

SHIP: Seabourn Pursuit


Antarctica, South Georgia, Falkland Islands, Argentina

DestinationDeparture Date



All Meals Onboard the Ship & Breakfast at Buenos Aires Hotel, Open Bar with Premium Beverages & In-Room minibar 


Group transfers to/from the airport in Buenos Aires and to/from the ship in Ushuaia, Charter flights from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia (return) in economy class 


Hotel & Cabin Onboard a Ship

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Included SightseeingIncluded Sightseeing

Daily Antarctica Excursions, Zodiac Cruising, Onboard Expert Lectures & Briefings by the Experienced Expedition Team


NOTE: Itinerary is subject to change depending on weather & ice conditions 



Embark on the voyage of a lifetime - exploring the realms of Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands.

Spend a night pre cruise in the Paris of the South, Buenos Aires before flying to Ushuaia, located on the banks of the Beagle Channel. Here you will board your ship, the Seabourn Pursuit. Enjoy everything that this ultra-luxury 264 passenger expedition vessel has to offer. The ship has everything you need to make for the most comfortable sailing experience, with a PC6 Polar Ice Class which allows you to explore where larger ships cannot. The ship has 136 suites, all of which are equipped with a private balcony and have spacious living areas. Onboard you will find a spa, sauna, fitness centre, pool, bars and 5 Michelin level restaurants. 

The expedition crew have a wealth of knowledge and you will experience regular landings (subject to weather/conditions), zodiac cruising and lectures onboard. The ship is also equipped with 2 state of the art, custom built submarines to allow for underwater exploration. You can pre-book submarine excursions and kayaking as optional adventure activities on selected departures. *Additional cost applies.

On this voyage you will spend a wealth of time exploring the Antarctic peninsula, see tabular glaciers, icebergs and a range of wildlife such as whales, dolphins, penguins and seals. From here you will sail to South Georgia, one of the world's greatest wildlife meccas - home to king penguin colonies that number in the tens of thousands. The landscape here is varied and it is a photographer and wildlife enthusiast’s dream. Continue onto the Falkland Islands, which are steeped in history and hold tales of the great explorers, who first discovered this region. You will visit the settlement of Stanley and learn more about Ernest Shackleton and see his final resting place. Spot a wealth of birdlife and see many large colonies of various species. 


*Onboard credit and cabin upgrade promo available on selected cabins and departures for bookings made from 14 Mar - 30 Apr 2024 unless varied or withdrawn prior. Cabin upgrades available on selected veranda suites only and onboard credit amount may vary depending on your chosen voyage and cabin. Please note that pricing may change and is subject to availability and currency fluctuation. Pricing is correct as per the date of publishing (08 Apr 24) but may change at any time due to dynamic nature.  Please contact us for the latest availability and to confirm pricing for your preferred voyage.


Arrive Buenos Aires

Referred to as the 'Paris of South America', Buenos Aires is considered as one of the most livable cities in South America. Although the bustling capital city has just under 3,000,000 inhabitants and a population density of 13,680 inhabitants per square kilometer (34,800 per square mile), it was rated in 2018 as one of the top cities on the continent for its ‘quality of life’. Twinned with world cities such as Moscow and Miami, Buenos Aires displays through its architecture, a cultural past rooted in both the Old and New Worlds. A vibrancy for life can be seen everywhere. Crowded public markets, street performers dancing the tango, colorful graffiti-style street art, ultra-modern buildings, a dramatic skyline and a bustling port. Culturally, Buenos Aires has the busiest live theatre industry on Earth, outperforming New York, London and Paris. Every weekend, over 300 theatres are active with plays and productions.

*Please note: Cruise itinerary is subject to change depending on weather conditions, ice conditions and other factors.

Fly to Ushuaia & Embarkation

Start your day by flying from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia. Upon landing, our team will be ready to pick you up at the airport and ensure a seamless transfer to the ship for embarkation.

Once deemed too harsh for European settlement, Ushuaia's rugged beauty was the realm of its native inhabitants - the Yahgan People. Today, it holds the distinctive title of being the southernmost city on Earth, often referred to as 'the end of the world.' Situated along the banks of the Beagle Channel, Ushuaia unveils itself like an artist's masterpiece. A mosaic of vibrant houses adds a splash of color against the dramatic backdrop of snow-capped mountains. Dominating this breathtaking panorama is Monte Olivia, its jagged peaks soaring 4,530 feet above the landscape.

At Sea

Spend a day at sea en route to the Falkland Islands, indulging in the onboard amenities. Prepare for one of the most thrilling expeditions.

New Island & Westpoint Island

Wind-swept New Island, one of the world’s most remote inhabited islands, lies on the western fringe of the Falklands Archipelago. Its gentle, low-lying eastern shores are indented with white, sandy bays and coves beaming with turquoise water. Gradually rising, these slopes are transformed into rugged sea-battered cliffs on the island’s western side. A place of colorful landscapes, New Island supports some of the largest concentrations and diversity of wildlife in the Falklands, with over forty species of nesting birds. Four species of penguins, including 13,000 gentoo and 26,000 Southern rockhopper penguins call the island home. Embracing winds and seas below, 60,000 black-browed albatross soar along the cliffs. New Island’s history is as rich and plentiful as its natural wonders. The island has known human presence since the late 1700s, especially with many whaling ships finding refuge in its coves and bays from tempestuous weather.

Albatrosses have long captured the imagination of sailors, roaming the vast oceans, embracing storms and winds far from the safety of land and so at ease in the roughest sea conditions. In summer, a large colony of black-browed albatrosses come to breed on West Point Island. Along with rockhopper penguins, they reside between the rocky ledges and among the tussock grass. Other species can also be seen throughout the island: fur seals and sea lions visit its shores and dolphins frequent its harbor. Cliff Mountain, its highest point, rises to 1,250’ (381 meters) above the highest sea cliffs in the Falklands.

The Napier family, descendants of the original farmers, still own and operate West Point Island as a traditional sheep farm. Living in a modest family house sheltered by weathered Monterey cypress trees, they welcome visitors in for a cup of tea. Experience West Point’s spectacular scenery, abundant wildlife and its human population of just two, Lily and Roddy Napier.

Carcass & Saunders Islands

Carcass Island is a mesmerizing blend of unspoiled beauty and captivating wildlife. As you step onto this island, you'll find yourself in an enchanting world where rolling hills meet the azure sea and wind-sculpted trees stand sentinel over verdant pastures.

The island's name might raise eyebrows, but rest assured it has nothing to do with its current state. Named after HMS Carcass, which surveyed the area in the 18th century, this island is a vibrant sanctuary teeming with life. It serves as a haven for birdwatchers, hosting a dazzling array of avian species from Magellanic penguins and Black-browed albatrosses to Striated caracaras and numerous songbirds.

Saunders Island, a wild and remote jewel in the Falkland Islands, is steeped in history. It was here, at Port Egmont, that the first British settlers made their mark in 1765. Today, the spirit of these early pioneers lives on, with descendants of the initial farming families still residing on the island, carrying on the age-old tradition of sheep farming.

But it's not just human history that makes Saunders Island so fascinating—it's a veritable sanctuary for wildlife. The island is home to five different species of penguin—king, macaroni, gentoo, rockhopper, and the occasional magellanic—each adding to the island's vibrant biodiversity. In addition, 500 steamer ducks, white-bridled finches, and an impressive 22,000 black-browed albatrosses choose to breed here. And if you turn your gaze seaward, you might spot dolphins frolicking in the harbor or Southern right whales in the distance.

Stanley Island

The Falkland Islands are a world unto themselves. This remote archipelago are wind-swept and bathed in stunning natural beauty, magnificent wildlife, and are home to a gregarious mix of people. More than 200 islands dot the waters around the two mainlands of East and West Falkland, presenting landscapes that are breathtakingly pure and stark, yet vibrantly detailed. Here, the shores are devoid of trees but teem with an impressive variety of bird species including albatross, penguins, caracaras, and geese.

The Islands are also steeped in maritime and military history, with over three hundred shipwrecks scattered along their coasts. The serene white crosses marking the final resting places of British and Argentine soldiers serve as silent testaments to the war of 1982. Through the course of their history, many have laid claim to these islands, but today, they stand proud as a self-governing British Overseas Territory.

In Stanley, the extraordinary wildlife of the Falklands is always close at hand. Dolphins often dance at its harbor, while steamer ducks, kelp gulls, and other birds thrive on its shores. Southern sea lions bask in the sun, and Southern giant petrels glide through town, seemingly unfazed by human activity. Established in the 1840s, Stanley was named after Edward Smith-Stanley, Earl of Derby, who never actually set foot on these islands.

At Sea - Day 7 & 8

Over the course of the next two days at sea en route to South Georgia, take advantage of ample time to relax and enjoy the cruise ship's amenities. Connect with your fellow cruise companions and delve into the geography and wildlife of the region.

South Georgia Experience - Day 9 to 11

The South Georgia Islands Group is one of the least visited destinations on earth. It consists of South Georgia Island and smaller surrounding islands and rocks. Largely untouched and blessed with a sub-Antarctic climate and nutrient-rich seas, it represents a sort of Lost Eden of unspoiled wildlife habitat. Although ice and snow are present, they are strikingly green with vegetation as compared with Antarctica. They teem with wildlife, including massive populations of king and other penguin species, fur seals, elephant seals, albatrosses, giant petrels, and other seabirds. Whales, orcas and dolphins abound offshore in the most diverse marine ecosystem on earth. Your captain and expedition leader plan your days in South Georgia to offer you a variety of experiences in this remote and enchanting destination, based on conditions and wildlife reports. These will certainly include visits to historic communities such as Grytviken, with its memorial to Ernest Shackleton, the immense breeding colony of king penguins on the Salisbury Plain and other highlights, along with less well-known, but equally unforgettable sites. Your veteran expedition team members enrich your experience during presentations and in casual conversations and interpret passing sights during time spent cruising. They will also accompany you on landings at the various sites and excursions in Zodiacs and kayaks.

Crossing the Drake passage - Day 12 & 13

Over the next two days at sea, brace yourself to traverse the renowned Drake Passage, marking the commencement of an extraordinary adventure exploring the Antarctic Peninsula.

Exploring the Antarctic Peninsula - Day 14 to 19

Your captain and the skilled expedition team will plan your exploration and adventure in Antarctica based on weather, ice conditions, and reported wildlife distribution during the expedition. This adaptable approach guarantees that you can maximize the benefits of favorable conditions, enriching your experience as you uncover the awe-inspiring landscapes and distinctive wildlife of this pristine continent.

At Sea - Day 20 & 21

During the return across the Drake Passage, seize a last opportunity to appreciate the refreshing Southern Ocean air. Utilize time on deck to observe seabirds and search for whales, partake in informative presentations by your Expedition Team, and commemorate the unique experiences shared while exploring the remarkable world of Antarctica.

Disembarkation & onward flight

After an immersive three-week cruise amidst the pristine landscapes of Antarctica, South Georgia, and the Falkland Islands, disembark in Ushuaia. From there, make your way to the airport for your return flight to Buenos Aires.

Please note: Cruise itinerary is subject to change depending on weather conditions, ice conditions and other factors.

Seabourn Pursuit

Seabourn Pursuit

Seabourn Pursuit is a premium and modern expedition ship, built in 2023. It is purpose built to PC6 Polar Class standards and designed to explore some of the most remote areas of the world in ultra luxury.

She is equipped with two custom-built submarines, 24 Zodiacs, kayaks, and has a team of 24 expert Expedition guides, enabling you to engage in up-close wildlife encounters, and off-the-beaten path excursions, Enjoy a fully-inclusive "yacht" like experience onboard and choose from a range of well appointed, spacious suites, all of which come with private verandas and comfortable living areas. There are 8 dining venues onboard and you will enjoy menus that have been designed by world class Michelin-level Chefs. 

You will have the chance to observe onboard lectures from the expedition crew and various guest experts, as well as take advantage of the facilities onboard, such as the pool, casino, onboard spa and fitness centre.

Ice Class: Length: 170m/ 558 Feet
Breadth: 26 m / 85 ftMax
Draft: Cruising
Speed: 22 kn / 41 km/h / 25 mph
Electricity: Passenger

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We believe that appropriate accommodation should add to the authentic travel experience, as well as providing utmost enjoyment. For that reason our accommodation is scrutinised by our staff on the ground frequently, ensuring the properties adhere to our high standards. This key will help you understand the levels of accommodation available on this tour.


Comfortable properties with dependable facilities and service.


Comfortable properties with dependable facilities and service.


Luxurious properties with impeccable facilities and service.


Optional Activities vary for each itinerary. Limited spaces available. Contact your Destination Specialist for pricing & availability.

Submarine Excursion

Consider it the ultimate luxury perk on an expedition ship, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness the wonders of the ocean floor in the comfort of a submarine.The deeper you explore beneath the ocean’s surface, the more unique the scenery becomes, and the more secrets the sea reveals. Witness unique marine wildlife normally hidden from human view.The only way to experience this otherworldly realm is by submarine. The vessels are built with exacting standards for comfort and luxury and undersea explorations take place in custom-built submarines crafted to be the best at the sea. 

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Experience the unforgettable thrill and serenity of kayaking in Antarctica as part of a small, expertly guided paddling group.

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Pricing per person & date

Antarctica, South Georgia & Falkland Islands Reverse | Pursuit from USD 29,185
Departing Ending Duration
15 Dec 2024 05 Jan 2025 22

Important Information


    One night of accommodation in Buenos Aires in a 5* Hotel 
    Accommodation onboard the Pursuit in booked cabin category
    Group transfers to/from the airport and to/from the ship* (subject to date/time restrictions*)
    Charter flight from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia return in economy class 
    All meals onboard the Venture including snacks and 24/7 in room dining 
    Complimentary spirits and wine available on board at all times - full open bar including premium beverages & in room minibar 
    Inspiring enrichment program and special guest speakers on board
    All applicable shore excursions and zodiac cruising (except paid adventure options with cost)
    Digital photography workshops
    Complimentary expedition-grade parka and day pack
    All port taxes & landing fees



    International or internal flights unless specified
    Airport transfers, taxes and excess baggage charges unless specified
    Meals other than those specified in the pre-departure information
    Pre or post cruise travel expenses
    Visa (if applicable) and passport fees
    Travel insurance (compulsory)
    Fuel surcharge may be applied to all bookings
    Paid adventure options and all personal expenses
    Miscellaneous extras
    Laundry and communication charges on board
    Tipping onboard (optional) - We recommend $15USD per person per day 

  • 2 (light adventure)
  • Available on request. A Single Supplement may be applied. Subject to availability. Please note 'willing to share' option is not available. Contact us for more details.

  • Prices are based on per person, twin share*

    Prices are correct at time of publishing but are subject to change at any time. 

    Itinerary is subject to change depending on weather and ice conditions

  • Departure date,  fuel surcharges, cabin category, currency fluctuations, seasonality and availability.


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