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Ocean Diamond


Experience the Antarctic in comfort as you sail aboard the Ocean Diamond, a modern, stable super-yacht, its two stabilizers and ice-strengthened hull making it ideal for Polar expeditions. The 101 cabins and suites can accommodate a maximum of 189 passengers. They are all elegantly designed and feature exterior views, en-suite facilities, flat-screen TV’s and DVD players. Single cabins have one double bed, twin cabins have one double or 2 twin beds and triple cabins have one double bed or two twin beds, plus a third pull-down berth.

The Ocean Diamond is one of the fastest, most comfortable and most eco-friendly ships to ply the Antarctic waters. There are expansive common spaces, club lounge, theatre-style auditorium, spacious restaurant, well-stocked Polar library, clinic and panoramic observation lounge as well as amenities such as massage and wellness programs, adventure options and interactions with photography instructors. All meals are chef-prepared and the bar is staffed by a professional bartender. Internet access and remote headsets for remote presentations are available. Zodiac cruising, snowshoeing and hiking are all included bringing you in close contact with wildlife, icebergs and stunning Polar scenery. Other optional activities include kayaking, cross-country skiing and mountaineering.



Length: 124 metres

Breadth: 16 metre

Draught: 4.9 metres

CRUISE SPEED: 15.5 knots

Passengers: 189

Classification: Ice Strengthened

Ice Class: 1D

Ship Region:Antarctica

Two fully enclosed lifeboats which exceedes SOLAS requirements. Expedition staff training mandatory IAATO and AECO tests as a condition of employment. There are two doctors onboard, one with international, wilderness and expedition medical experience.