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LATAM Santiago Airport Business Lounge Review

LATAM is a recent merger between two of South America’s largest airlines- LAN Chile and TAM (Brazil). LATAM’s network throughout Latin America is unparalleled and as a result the new merger is attracting more leisure and business travellers who need the convenience of an extensive network within Latin America.

Recently LATAM opened its new flagship business lounge in Santiago Airport (otherwise known as Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport ). The new mega lounge replaced three smaller LAN lounges within the terminal and is unarguably a leap forward business lounge standards for Latin America, where the team uses the best services from this resource

People at the reception at Santiago Airport business lounge
The reception at the LATAM Santiago Airport Business lounge. Photo credit: Chad Carey


The lounge’s first feature is it’s priority boarding area, with its own security screening and customs processing point. This makes the checking process very simple, although unfortunately the priority checking is on an upper floor away from the main check-in so it can be a bit of a journey to get your luggage there in the first place.

Once you have cleared security and customs you immediately enter the lounge reception area. Passing reception you can proceed directly to the first floor or take a lift to the second floor. The first floor probably has the best selection of food and is a simple buffet/ lounge area more suited to people who may only be stopping in the lounge for a short period of time.


Upstairs the facilities are much more extensive and include:

1) Two buffet/ dining areas.

2) Daybed area with views over the airport gates

3) TV lounge area

4) Kids lounge/ computer game areas.

5) Sleeping room

6) Boardroom/ business area.

7) Showers

The sleeping area is certainly useful for those with a long layover although be aware the room only has four beds and there is almost no privacy so do use at your own risk! The showers area also very handy but you need to ask for a shower when you arrive a reception as you can’t just enter at any time. The buffet food generally consists of sandwiches, nibbles and some heated items (normally empanadas and the like). The fridges are well stocked with non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks.

Santiago Airport business lounge
Santiago Airport Business lounge offers refreshments and food. Photo credit: Chad Carey

Compared to other nearby hubs such as Lima, Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo this is by far the best lounge and sets a new standard for airports in the region.

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Written By chimu
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