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Chimu Travel Memories


In this unprecedented moment, connections have never seemed more important - connections with friends and family, our communities, and the places and people that have touched us right across the world. In the future, these connections will take on a whole new meaning. For now, we can reflect on the memories we have to inspire us towards the better times ahead.

Join us in celebrating our memories.

Below are just some of the memories our wonderful staff and clients are looking back upon.

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My Antarctica Ice Marathon Experience

Adventure athlete, Doug Wilson takes writes about a different type of Antarctic experience, one that involves running a marathon. "I took a few deep, frozen breaths and felt humbled to be in a place of such majesty, while taking time to reflect on the location..".

Travelling with the Family

Meg Hall, Marketing Manager at Chimu Adventures, takes us through her trip to South America with her two young children. "The air was warm, the scenery was green and our driver and guide greeted us with huge welcoming smiles.

Fly and Cruise to Antarctica

Sarah Baxter, General Manager at Chimu Adventures recounts her experience flying to King George Island and completely skipping the Drake Passage. "Coming to the end of our cushy 2 hour flight, we may have flown over a number of expedition ships making the 2 day crossing from Ushuaia".

Extracts from my diary: Journey to Antarctica

Traveller, Leah takes us through her diary entries from her trip to Antarctica with Chimu Adventures in April 2019. "The Gentoo penguins were everywhere in a state of moulting. The young ones were just getting their feathers and were getting under the feet of passengers".

Experiencing the Amazon with Delfin Amazon Cruises

This blog shares exactly what life is like on board the Delfin III in the Amazon. "dinner continued the wonderful experience as we were presented with a 3 course meal of 5 star quality with paired wines".

My Journey to Antarctica

This blog features another satisfied Chimu traveller marvelling at the wonders of Antarctica. "Along with a number of my fellow passengers, I mentally tick off the seventh and final continent as I step out of the Zodiac onto the shore at Neko Harbour".

Polar Plunge in Antarctica

Ever wanted to do the polar plunge? Here is all you need to know. "The best plunges are those done with personality – so put some style into your jump! Even if you feel like you look stupid at the time, the photos look incredible at the end!"  

Antarctica: 10 years in 10 days

Journalist, Sophie Hardcastle, explores the true wonders of Antarctica and it's serenity. "Antarctica affected me deeply, and maybe I won’t understand the extent to which it has changed me for a long time."

Antarctic Adventure

Explore Antarctica with Vicki and Jacqui on board the Ocean Endeavour as they tick this destination off their bucket list. "Words cannot describe the feeling of awe you experience as you sail into Antarctica and see the icebergs, the snow, the wildlife and the pristine waters." 

My Top Five Highlights of Antarctica

Clint Bizzell, host for the travel show "Places We Go", was a guest aboard the 10-day Chimu voyage called ‘Shackleton’s Discovery’. "A lack of power lines, cables, vehicles and more totally sever your connection to the ‘real world’ and it is far from scary. It is totally liberating."

Unforgettable Antarctica

Read this blog for an in-depth look into what it's like travelling to Antarctica for the first time. "A smooth ride to shore and the sight of hundreds of penguins became clear, along with their sound and smell. The sheer number of gentoos and the odd chinstrap penguin made for an incredible experien

The Things that Surprised me Most about Antarctica

Journalist, Megan Jerrard shares her top most surprising features of Antarctica. "We were given the freedom and flexibility to take landings as we wanted to, return to the ship if we had had enough, and explore at our own pace away from the rest of the group."














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