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South Georgia Antarctica Cruises

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South Georgia is a remote yet magical island, exquisite in its beauty and virtually unspoilt by man. It is adorned with emerald green bays, blue glacier ice, and formidable snow covered peaks. Home to some 30 million breeding birds, thousands of seals, the introduced Norwegian reindeer, five species of penguin and the largest colony of King Penguins on this planet - this island is literally teeming with life.

The island’s part in one of the most heroic survival stories of all time is also a big attraction. Back in 1916, after their ship became trapped in ice in Antarctica and sank, Ernest Shackleton and a crew of five men crossed 1,300 kilometres of ocean, between Elephant Island and South Georgia, in a tiny boat. It took them 16 days. When they arrived, starving and exhausted, they then had to trek the breadth of the island across mountains and glaciers to reach a whaling station in order to get help and rescue the rest of the crew back on Elephant Island. Amazingly, no one perished in this ordeal. Since then, accomplished mountain climbers have tried to replicate the island crossing. But, even at peak fitness and equipped with the latest mountain climbing gear, they have struggled to do so.

South Georgia is also famous for being the centre of the whaling industry, which thankfully came to an end in 1966. The island is now a safe haven for wildlife

On a South Georgia tour you will get the opportunity to hike the glaciated terrain and marvel at the many colonies of seals and birds. You can visit Shackelton’s grave and gaze at the rugged landscape that was crossed on his famous expedition, as well as visit the abandoned whaling village.

Many of our expedition cruises headed for Antarctica also cruise to South Georgia and the Falkland Islands as an extension to the itinerary.

Agnes Schneider from Chimu´s London office travelled to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Antarctica on the MV Ushuaia, read about her adventures here.

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