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Craig Deuchar

"Working for Chimu Adventures allows to me combine my work with my passion for travel. I've travelled extensively in South America, from Patagonia to the very top of the continent. I also spent a month travelling through Central America climbing volcanoes in Nicaragua, white water rafting and zip lining in Costa Rica and discovering Mayan ruins throughout Guatemala and Mexico."

South America is such a diverse continent with so many sights, sounds, and colours. One minute you can be in a jungle, then on an amazing white sand beach followed by soaring mountains. My favourite experience from my last adventure to South America was five weeks travel through all of Colombia where I was able to see my friend marry a local in Valledupar, Colombia. Colombians are so hospitable, friendly and the food is so amazing and cheap. The country is so diverse with beautiful beaches and national parks in the north around Cartagena and Tayrona National Park, the lost jungle city of Ciudad Perdida, deserts in La Guajira to Mayan ruins in the south in San Agustin.

I have travelled through Patagonia where I did the W Trek in the amazing Torres Del Paine NP, travelled overland from Buenos Aires to Rio, through Uruguay and onto Iguazu Falls. I have watched football with the mad locals in Buenos Aires, become a gaucho on a ranch in Uruguay, hang glided over Rio, danced samba and salsa all through the continent. I also travelled all throughout Peru and did the Inca Trail.

I believe travel broadens the mind, opens us up to more possibilities in life and makes us better people. Please contact me to plan your South American adventure.

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Craig Deuchar

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