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Le Champlain


Elegant, sleek and innovative, the Le Champlain is one of the most graceful vessels to traverse the Polar regions. Flying under the French flag, Le Champlain offers the perfect blend of intimacy, comfort and subtle refinement. Hosting 92 staterooms and suites, the vessel carries just over 180 passengers to offer a unique and intimate cruising experience. Experience the ultimate luxury and elegance of French-design as suites and cabins boast incredible space, large windows and lounge areas that open to the outside. 

Le Champlain also features innovative and environmentally friendly equipment to reduce its impact on the vital waters through which it sails. Passengers can also enjoy an underwater passenger lounge, allowing guest to perceive and feel apart of the underwater universe that captivates and inspires incredible journeys. 

Experience a true blend of authenticity and luxury ambiance as you traverse the Polar regions in Le Champlain, a remarkable and clean expedition vessel. 



Ship Region:Antarctica