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Island Sky


The Island Sky is an all-suite ship, a small, all-inclusive expedition vessel with touches of elegance throughout. Carrying a maximum of 108 passengers, the ship provides an abundance of public space for wildlife viewing, relaxation and taking in lectures and briefings. Every suite features private bathroom facilities and an exterior view, with some suites also having a private balcony. All suites are equipped with flat screen televisions and DVD players and either two single beds or one double bed. On board you will be served with chef-prepared meals and complimentary wine with dinner. The ship includes a lounge, bar, Polar library, lecture theatre and plenty of deck space for observation.



Length: 297 feet (91 meters)

Breadth: 50 feet (15 meters)

Draught: 13 feet (4 meters)

CRUISE SPEED: 12 knots

Passengers: 108

Ice Class: 1D

Ship Region:Antarctica

The Island Sky features four fully enclosed lifeboats with a capacity of 192 passengers. There is a medical clinic as well.