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Le Jacques Cartier


Featuring cutting edge technology and an elegant design, Le Jacques Cartier is one of the most sleek vessels to travel the Polar regions. Flying under the French flag, the Cartier is a unique expedition vessel which demonstrates a core focus on elegance and innovation to combine a luxurious cruising experience which attempts in all ways to minimise its damage upon the environments in which it operates. Carrying just 92 staterooms and suites, and holding only 180 passengers, this vessel provides and elegant and intimate adventure with a focus on an authentic, luxurious cruising experience. 

Each of the vessels 92 cabins feature elegant French design, containing spacious rooms with large windows and balconies that offer a contemporary and beautiful atmosphere. The vessel also boasts incredible social areas, with a panoramic infinity pool and fully equipped sundeck for access to swimming and water sports. The vessels unique panoramic restaurant is almost outshone by the incredible blue eye lounge, an underwater bar and lounge area that brings the guest into harmony with the underwater world. 

Le Jacques Cartier is a truly unique vessel that balances the highest degree of elegance with cutting edge technology to provide an intrinsic focus on luxury yet sustainable and clean travel. 



Length: 430ft / 131m

Breadth: 59ft / 18m

Draught: 15ft / 5m

Gross Tonnage: 9,900

CRUISE SPEED: 12.5 knots

Passengers: 180

Zodiac & RIBs: 10

Ice Class: 1C

Ship Region:Antarctica