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Manatee 8 Day Cruise

8 Days FROM USD 3,515


Experience the incredible beauty and biodiversity of the Amazon Basin on this incredible 7 Day cruise. On board the comfortable and spacious Manatee Amazon Explorer, you will dive well and true into the heart of this incredible region. This is a truly unique experience as the natural wonders of the jungle combine with incredible cultural experiences. Bare witness to the visual spectacle of the parrot clay lick, discover the biodiverse Panacocha region with over 500 species of birds, 9 primates and 100 fish species. Experience the lifestyles and traditions of authentic Kichwa families who live on the banks of the river. This is a truly transformative adventure. 

This Cruise is also on the Anakonda, enquire for more details. 


• This cruise works in direct collaboration with the local communities in order to preserve the rainforest, it was designed specifically to offer locals employment away from the destructive oil companies. • Manatee have personally designated a region of the amazon river as a protected area to help keep the population of pink river dolphins stable. • They also work closely with the Wildlife Conservation Society of Ecuador and have introduced programs to protect the population of Charapas turtles. They sponsor protected breeding programs. •  In terms of operation the Manatee Explorer is certified by SmartVoyager and the rainforest alliance meaning that it confirms with the highest sustainability standards in its operation.


Optional Activities :

Trip Code: ECATM8D

Travel Style: Small Ship Cruise

Location: Ecuador, Amazon

Ship: Manatee Amazon Explorer

Flights: We offer a range of flight options to South America. Contact us today to discuss.


  • Undertake an authentic adventure into the depths of the Amazon. Discover the unique bio-diverse properties of this region and leave with a true appreciation of the importance of preserving these incredible natural habitats.

  • You will have the opportunity to encounter the legendary 'pink' river dolphin, one of the most unique species found nowhere else in the world. 

  • This itinerary is easily combined with other areas of Ecuador or perhaps the greater South America.


Your adventure begins in the city of Quito, Capital of Ecuador. After taking a short 30- minute flight from Quito to the Amazon city of Coca, located in the Orellana Province, you will transfer to the dock and board your motorized canoe to begin your 90-minute journey down the river, taking in the first sights and sounds of the Amazon. Soon, you will reach the Manatee Amazon Explorer and receive your welcome aboard.

Once we have settled into the Manatee Amazon Explorer, you will be joined by expert local naturalist guides who will provide you with a brief and informative introduction to the Ecuadorian Amazon. After, guests will have their first opportunity to discover the exciting features of the cruise ship: spacious social areas, comfortable suites, and the observation deck that allows you to admire the changing rainforest landscape as you glide down the Napo River.

After dinner, you will plunge straight into the Amazon rainforest by going for a nighttime forest walk (optional excursion) to observe the forest’s nocturnal activity and experience the thrill of the vivid noises and aromas that come from so much biodiversity. 

Arrival in Napo River

After a delicious breakfast, you will go on a motorized canoe to spend some time exploring one of the large islands where you have the opportunity to see eagles, oropendolas, woodpeckers, and many other birds.

You will then board the Manatee Amazon Explorer for lunch and enjoy many of the onboard experiences such us a spectacular ever-changing scenery view from the hot tub, a delicious cocktail at the bar and lounge, or admire the breathtaking landscapes from the observation deck.

Later in the afternoon, you will visit Yasuní National Park, a pristine and relatively undisturbed region of the Ecuadorian Amazon. Our guests will be pleased to learn that this is the home of the legendary pink river dolphin! In this area, you can also find anacondas, river turtles and various primate species, as well as the colorful hoatzin, a unique bird that is known locally as the stinky turkey.

Near Yasuní live the Secoyas, a minority community which will share with you their traditions and lifestyle.

Yasuni National Park and Secoya Community

You will start the day off by visiting an authentic Kichwa family located on the banks of the Napo River. here you will have the opportunity to learn directly from members of the local community.

You will then board the Manatee Amazon Explorer for some leisure time as you continue your navigation upstream. At this time, you will have the opportunity to participate in a cooking lesson with your expert chef who will share recipes and techniques using fresh and organic ingredients to prepare exquisite traditional Ecuadorian food that you can replicate at home. After lunch, guests are also invited to try their hand at making traditional handicrafts and attend an ancestral cultures lecture with one of your local guides. For more active guests, a kayaking activity is the best choice to explore the surrounding nature.

Kichwa Family and Life On Board

Relax and enjoy the Manatee Amazon Explorer during the morning. After, you will disembark to visit an observation tower in the rainforest canopy, which offers astonishing 360-degree vistas. The perspective at the top of this observation tower is truly glorious, looming above the lush treetops and providing a view of the sheer vastness of the Amazon Basin. This is the perfect photo opportunity! Birdwatchers and bird-lovers alike will especially enjoy this outing.

In the afternoon, you will explore the nearby forest for a walk to discover a myriad of different animals and plant species that can only be found in the Amazon basin. A kayak activity is also available to explore this area.

Canopy Tower and Forest Adventure

You will begin the day kayaking along the Indillama River, one of the Napo River’s tributaries, which leads you into Yasuní National Park. Kayaks are smooth and silent, providing the very best opportunity to observe wildlife. Canoes can also be used to travel in search of more wildlife. The choice is yours! In these waters, you will find yourself surrounded by lush greenery, teeming with unique wildlife.

After an adventure-filled day, you may choose to take advantage of our observation deck where you can relax and experience a magical view under the stars.

More energetic guests may choose to unwind with a night walk through the jungle to observe nocturnal creatures.

Indillama and Napo River

You continue to travel downstream to the Pañayacu River delta, where you will take a canoe trip to experience the sights of this fascinating water reserve. Pañacocha Lake is an ecosystem flooded by black-waters. Pañacocha means “Piranha Lake” in the native Kichwa language. The surrounding protected rainforest is home to 9 species of primates, 500 species of birds and more than 100 fish species. This is the perfect habitat for piranhas, paiches (one of the largest freshwater fiches in the word) and the white caiman.

In this little piece of paradise, you will participate in nature walks led by your local naturalist guides, and relax at a nearby campsite where you will enjoy a delicious Amazon-style BBQ with refreshing beverages.

After lunch, you will do some kayaking, and the bravest among us can enjoy a nice refreshing swim in the Piranha Lake! We promise it’s not as dangerous as it sounds!

Back on board the Manatee Amazon Explorer, guests will have the opportunity to attend a lecture presented by your concierge and also watch an educational documentary on the region. Or simply relax and enjoy a cocktail in the hot tub.

Panacocha Biological Corridor

This morning you will set out on canoes to observe one of the most incredible sights on this side of the Western Amazon – the parrot clay licks. This unique place is rich in minerals and attracts hundreds of colourful parrots, parakeets, and Amazon birds every day.

Later in the afternoon, you will visit a Kichwa Cultural Center, where you will learn about Amazon communities and their ancestral culture, traditions, and cuisine. Members of the local community will teach us about indigenous lifestyles along the Napo River. Guest will have the opportunity to support the local community by purchasing handicrafts, local products, and souvenirs.

Back on board the Manatee Amazon Explorer, you will be delighted with an exquisite farewell dinner.

Parrot Clay Licks

Today your incredible journey comes to an end. Enjoy the last part of your return journey on board before disembarking. to take the motorised canoe back to Coca. (Please note this ride is approximately 90 minutes).

Please note: The above itinerary is a standard operating model. Every effort will be made to ensure the intended itinerary will be fulfilled. However, depending on weather, technical or operational activities beyond our control the manatee reserves the right to modify the itinerary without notice.

Departure Day


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Manatee 8 Day Cruise from USD 3,515
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  • Please note the sample itinerary is based on Monday departures. Itinerary operates in reverse when departing on Friday.

    Please note the itinerary may be subject to change depending on weather conditions.

  • Departure date, season and availability.



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Chimu is passionate and dedicated to sustainability measures and understands the crucial part sustainability plays within the tourism industry.

We use local guides and office staff to both maximise local employment opportunities and minimise carbon footprint. Local guides also ensure you benefit from the intimate knowledge, passion and culture of the country you’re visiting. Our guides are all highly qualified (most with university degrees) or equip with many years of experience and are paid above the standard wage. Whether it be our knowledgeable local guides, locally produced meals or the transport on tour, we do not use imported goods when local products are available. We aim to minimise our impact on the environment and give as much back as possible to the communities we work in.

Manatee cruises undertake a number of local sustainability initiatives focused on education and the environment, offering unique guest experiences that also benefit local communities and the environment. In collaboration with the Kichwa community of Martinica, Manatee has designated a region for the sole preservation of the pink river dolphin, allowing for the species population to grow. A similar program is undertaken in collaboration with the 'Wildlife Conservation Society Ecuador' (WCS), to protect endemic species of Charapas Turtles. Itineraries on board Manatee are designed to include cultural encounters, allowing for a shared exchange of experience and information benefiting both travellers and local community members. 

While visiting the many national parks, heritage sites, museums and landmarks our travellers are encouraged to explore remain culturally aware and sensitive. We further encourage you to buy appropriate souvenirs and discourage the buying of anything wrongfully made or taken from the environment i.e. shells and endangered species products. Information on how you can be environmentally conscious, and travel responsibly will be made available in our Travellers Guides and provided during your travels by guides and staff.

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