Life’s a Beach – What Are the Best Beaches in Brazil?

Visiting Brazil without visiting a beach is virtually impossible.

The length of Brazil’s 7,491km coastline is littered with the most incredible beaches. From the awesome dunes of the North, the palm fringed beauties of the East to the South, where the Mata Atlântica  sub-tropical spills out onto the seashore – there is a beach for everyone. So, that begs the question – what are the best beaches in Brazil?

Its a pretty telling fact that the Brazilian phase for  ‘just my cup of tea’ is “é minha praia” (That’s my beach). it also gives you a good idea about the Brazilian way of life, which is much more about having fun at the beach than sitting on the sofa with a brew!

Of course everyone has their own ideas about Brazil’s best beaches. I’m sure if you asked 100 Brazilians, you’d get a different response every time. There are however some gems that stand out and here is our pick.

Praia de Sancho, Fernando de Noronha .

Praia do Sancho
Praia do Sancho

Fernando de Noronha is often considered Brazil’s idea of Nirvana. Situated 354km off the coast, this stunning island is certainly a heavenly destination.  The archipelago of 21 islands and islets  is a national maritime park and was pronounced an UNESCO World Heritage site because of its importance to the environment. Pretty impressive stuff!

There are countless stunning beaches, but Praia de Sanchos, reached through a crack in a rock wall (the secret garden of beaches) gets our vote.

Lopes Mendes, Ilha Grande.

Lopes Mendes
Lopes Mendes

Ilha Grande (Big Island) is located just off the coast in the Rio de Janeiro in the Angra dos Reis municipality. The island is largly unpopulated and covered in lush Atlantic forest. The extra special beaches are dotted around the island in hidden coves and bays, reached by boat or by trekking through the forest.

Lopes Mendes beach is an absolute dream, with a 3km perfect semi-circular bay of the purest white sand and crystal clear water. Georgina from our UK office says that its the whitest beach she has ever seen and when deserted, its absolute heaven!


Trancoso Credit Best of Life
Credit Best of Life

Trancoso is fast becoming the destination of the world’s most beautiful people. Home to stunning beaches, exquisite boutique hotels and some seriously cool beach bars. The beaches are palm fringed and picture perfect. There are several beaches from lively to deserted, so you can pick and choose depending on your mood.

  • Praia do Espelho (Mirror Beach)

Trancoso’s most famous beach. It’s  white beaches and natural swimming pools created by reefs make it a wonderful place to spend the day.  Access to the beach is a half an hour drive via a dirt road only during dry and sunny summer months.

Praia Espelho
Praia Espelho
  • Praia dos Coqueiros (Palmtree Beach)

Praia dos Coqueiros, or Palmtree Beach, is a small beach with medium waves, protected by coral reefs. Fringed with over a hundred palmtrees, whcih give it its nickname.

  • Praia da Pedra Grande (Big Rock Beach)

Another kilometer away and much more deserted. This beach has no bars or restaurants, just a long stretch of uninterrupted pristine beach, popular with surfers and topless sunbathers.

  • Praia dos Nativos (Local beach)

Praias dos Nativos is the local beach in Trancoso, where you will find most of the beachbars, beach hotels and people!

Baía de Golfinho,  Pipa, Natal.

Baia dos Golfinhos Credit Veja no Mapa
Baia dos Golfinhos
Credit Veja no Mapa

Pipa is one of Brazil’s magical destinations. Its probably my favourite place in the world!  Its pristine beaches are backed by tall cliffs, dreamy lagoons, miles and miles of dunes, which can be explored by dune buggy.  Probably the most memorable, however, are the dolphins that play in the waves with you.

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