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Training Antarctica

Antarctica is one of the last untouched destinations in the world
where you can see remarkable wildlife, 

such as penguins, seals,whales and orcas, up-close and in abundance  midst pristine, awe-inspiring scenery with only a minimal human footprint. As the world’s 5th largest cont

inent, Antarctica is constantly changing its shape and size 

according to the season and formation of ice. During the winter months, Antarctica doubles in size due to the ice that forms around the 


The White Continent can be divided into 2 main areas that are separated by the Transantarctic Mountains, East Antarctica and West Antarctica - also known as Greater and 

Lesser Antarctica. 

Often dubbed as the ‘white’ or the ‘forgotten’ continent, Antarctica truly is the land of extremes and the perfect destination for true explorers wanting to visit  the “end of the world.


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East Antarctica, the possibly last untouched corner of the globe, a vast and icy wilderness best reached from New Zealand or Australia.

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West Antarctica is the most popular Antarctic region and can be best reached from South America. Lots of wildlife and landscape.

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When to go where in Antarctica? Read here for more information on whats happening when and where in Antarctica.

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